Friday, January 6, 2017

Your Happiness My Sadness

I’ve been searching for another like you

But those words never cease to haunt me

One day you will wake up and not find me

You said those with tears in your eyes

They didn’t mean much to my uncaring soul

But with the grief of a child, I now remember

I’ve wished for nothing else but what we had

But I heard you are now happily married

I never knew there weren’t two of you out there

Reaching out for you in others is a mirage

I remember you say tearfully

“I love you but you are hurting me”

How I wish I could even say that to you

As long as I have you in my life

But sadly, I heard you’re now happily married

You gave me your all and I gave you nothing

I know now it hurts not to be in love with you

Just like others before her, she’s nothing like you

I heard you are now happy

Squeezing out a river of your tears from the pillow we shared

How much pain did I cause you? I miserably ask myself

Where was my selfish heart when tiny drops of hurt tears

Ran a river down your heart and your love sailed away

I heard he makes you very happy

Sitting at a corner staring at the pieces of my heart

Broken by those I thought were sexier than you

My pride is gone but heartache keeps me company

I am sad but I heard your laughter now rings out

Can’t believe I sacrificed all you had for me

On the alien altar of uncertain scarlet women

And now I am paying for my waywardness

I just woke up and realized that you’re gone

An Emeka Amakeze poetic expression

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Love so pure
Dished out as a platter of gold
Taken for granted and crushed
Now nowhere to be found