Sunday, January 8, 2017

Human Puppies

When I thought the dehumanizing attitude of some men towards girls can't get any worse, this happened... They call it human puppies. Human puppies? I wonder why some girls would choose to also debase and dehumanize themselves in this manner. Some girls have now moved from being paid to sleep with dogs to actually being dogs.

What is wrong with this generation?

So, the best way a young man can show off his wealth is by publicly treating girls like dogs in every sense of the word? This really sank my heart. So our girls are now as worthless as homeless bingos? So worthless that they are now walked around events in dog chains and leashes? What is the pride in this?

If you dare think that this is cool, the THUNDER that will FIRE YOU is doing push up in Amadioha's shrine. This is indeed the height of stupidity and cruelty. This is as despicable as it is inhumane. Poverty and ignorance can not excuse the fact that these girls and the ones warming up to take over from them have semo for brain.

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