Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I Have Something To Say

You’re the fairest of them all and they never cease to be awed as they laud and applaud the handiwork of God and none ever jawed you my love. Your beauty is not flawed because you’re not a fraud. I will fight and claw to make your path broad.

Because I’m your knight that always comes to your fight. You make me recite how much skin-tight my love fits to your heart. I will hold you through the night till our spirits are truly light with the delight we know how well to excite.

A dearest friend you've been and you alone I will always send. I will bend even to break just to make amend to blend in your life my love. They can’t comprehend how much I depend on your trend because you don’t pretend.

How long has it really been since my soul desires to be seen by you. I will trek even to Berlin to feel you addict me like caffeine because I’ve truly missed you and your Africa cuisine. I’m keen not to allow anybody come in between us.

I’m so proud you’re well-endowed and you give me the happiness of a crowd, you make me scream aloud when you exude that appeal that puts me in the mood and I make you reach for the cloud. Your love feels like food to my soul.

You’re aware I value you more than air because you’ve shown me how much you care by making me an heir and I feel like a billionaire in this love affair. I swear nobody out there will dare to compare with you my rare luminaire.

Never met any that’s half the woman you are and as I quaff of your love and because you’re not a diamond in the rough, you make me feel like a chief among my peers. You make me laugh even when times are tough and make me call bluff of those who think I should‘ve had enough.

Assuaging my fear with each passing year, you’ve made me appear drunk without a drop of beer and fearless like a brigadier. I will commandeer whatever you find so dear and make all your worries disappear and veer you away from every wear and tear.

I’m not in contest for your love because you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. You’re my crest of affection and my chest can’t contain all your zest even if compressed. I’m blessed you’re mine and will stay away from all that you detest.

I will always have something to say about the way you make me sway and Cupid will first betray love before I delay to tell you how much I love you from day to day. I will whisk you to fantasy land straight away and never allow you to stray.

I still have something more to say my love

an Emeka Amakeze poetic expression.


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