Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Daybreak In Udi - An Oscar Winning film shot in Nigeria.

Who would have believed that a documentary film shot in Nigeria won an Oscar?

You wouldn't imagine my peaked interest when I stumbled upon this fact about DAYBREAK IN UDI - an outstanding forty minute documentary film shot by Britain’s Crown Film Unit in Udi, Southeast of Nigeria in 1949. Daybreak in Udi went ahead to win the Best Documentary Oscar in 1950.

The story revolves around the birth of an idea by the local people to build a maternity hospital in the Udi district of southern Nigeria. Such an unprecedented task was not without it's challenges. But the locals were resolved to scale the hurdles posed by the superstitious opposition of some of the villagers.

And then the Oscar was lost...

Records of the interesting journey of Daybreak In Udi can be found at The National Archives (references INF 12/265 and INF 6/403).

Watch Daybreak In Udi at Colonialfilm.org.uk.

Daybreak in Udi was directed by Terry Bishop, produced by Max Anderson and John Taylor. And sponsored by Central Office of Information and Colonial Office.

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