Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Line Of Sight

Despite all our efforts, they still want us to disunite

Our blood is their delight as my Nigeria they blight

Bringing fight unwanted to force us to take to flight

Unusual fright is in the land but there is none to indict

No light to brighten our paths for none there is the knight

The peace promised is but a sleight of hand in our sight

For our plight is to vote that our wealth be their right

Deafening disquiet of a once powerful home-land in delight

The height of their insensitivity pushes us to self-ignite

Our collective might as a people no more gives us respite

Not with morale as tight as wood eaten inside by termite

I recite our anthem and I realise that nothing is now alright

Our name is bigger than Elephant but we're cowered like ant

Blight rite of passage for this giant of Africa spite

Smite this evil in our land that we shall once again be great

But how could this ever be if you and I don’t make it right

                     an Emeka Amakeze poetic expression

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