Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Eagles

From Streamsong Projects Films comes the movie screenplayed by Emeka Amakeze

Making this film was a challenge I had to overcome to come out with a cinematic fulfilling picture.

The Eagles is a story that delves into the world of professional footballers and x-rays their strength and weakness in the face of desperate beautiful girls and internal team politics.

Screenplayed and Directed by Emeka Amakeze (Directors Guild of Nigeria, The Eagle features actors like Chinwe Isaac, Dan Ugorji, LaClass Ozougwu, Rachael Okonkwo, Nichole Banna, Destiny Etiko, Justice Slik, Emma Ayalogu, Sandra Okereke, Moc Mmadu, Rex Okunzuwa and a host of others

Streamsong Films

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