Sunday, February 22, 2015

Thorns & Thrones

I'm excited about this book.

My excitement is not just because its my first book; its an interesting and educative read.

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"The shades of the story unfolds into a masterly crafted dramatic whole, where words and wits meet with the insight of a great Nollywood scriptwriter, Emeka Amakeze in a kingdom he brought into existence."

Fr. Ositadimma Amakeze
(Author of The Last Carver, Teeth of a Snail.)

"Iyasele kingdom is on the brink of a new phase in its history, but who will lead them in? Amakeze weaves a gripping tale around sibling rivalry, succession and continuity of culture."

Amarachukwu Chimeka
(SfEP Associate)

"Reading Emeka Amakeze's Thorns and Thrones is like listening to one of the recounteurs of the past, telling a story he knows too well in the heart. At the crossroads of creativity, the past met with the present for the birth of the future.! Gripping, suspense filled, entertaining and didactic in all accounting."

Asika Ikechukwu Emmanuel
(Author of Tamara & Erimma)

"Exceptional work of a resourceful writer. The carefully woven drama would continue to keep alive the rich theatrical and cultural heritage of my society, the Igbo society."

Ndubuisi George
(Author of Woes of Ikenga)

"Lucidly written and attention grabbing, 'Thorns & Thrones' catches the conscience, as well as captures the audience-space with a fervent desire to read on. A one fell swoop into the echelons of distinguished African playwrights like Ola Rotimi and Chimamanda Adichie... A must read."

Oguegbu Ostende Udoka
(Federal Polytechnic, Oko) 

An intriguing story of the battle of supremacy between a set of male twins born into a royal family. Drawing strength from the tradition which empowers the last of a set of twins to be considered the elder and the convention which holds that the first of a set of twins is the elder, Obi and Arinze are set on a war path over who succeeds their father as king.

When the gods refuse to favour either of the twins and reveal a candidate in a Catholic Priest, the looming path of war broadens throgh the entire Iyasele kingdom.

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