Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Last Carver

The Last Carver is Osita Amakeze's second book 

"It is a brilliant, multi-layered story that encompasses a tale of ingenious portrayal of a culture on the threshold of extinction. A gazetteer of good backgrounds with soupcon of nostalgia, Osita Amakeze joins the league of modern African cultural writers with a bang." - Ijeoma Onuora-Anyakwo

The Last Carver is a cultural journey of identity and self-reawakening that calls to our essence and to the rebirth of values we were once known for and which were transfered from one generation to another." 

- Emeka Amakeze, Filmmaker, Nollywood

Get a copy of this entertaining and educative masterpiece from http//sbpra.com/OsitadimmaAmakeze

Contact the author via Twitter @OsitaAmakeze

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