Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On The Job

I made a journey through yet another experience which my job as an actor gave me the wonderful opportunity of being a part of. As we shot the story of Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowder and his great Niger mission, sharing in his pains and triumphs - the terrifying sun and sun flies made sure of the former; we all looked forward to the day it will be wraps just like crowder looked forward to the end of his mission.

I won't deny the fact that we had a little bit of fun plucking the mangoes that dotted the farmlands of our host village. Breaking coconuts and soaking garri when food was not in sight made it so nostalgic of growing up in the village.

Had fun shooting by the bank of River Niger and watching some of my colleagues shrink in size at the thought of sitting in Canoes across the River. Who wants to die?

Obi Okoli said it was a wrap, Prof. Laz Ekwueme, Sydney Diala, Prof. Emeka Nwabueze, Chiwetalu Agu, Emeka Onu, Okey Oku and a host of others faced homewards!

And like it all started, it finally came to an end and.


Anonymous said...

Hi Emeka, this is your friend from Trinidad and Tobago,I was wondering if you wrote the script of this movie you just mentioned. Also I saw the movie Before God and Man and the movie had a great twist in the end,I was not expecting that. Kudos to Jim Iyke on his performance.He really made the viewers feel that he stutters in real life. God's richest blessing to you and the family.

Emeka Amakeze said...

Thank you so much my dear friend from Trinidad and Tobago! I'm glad you liked Before God and Man. I didn't write the one on this post. Thank you once again and God bless