Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Returnee

I have been coming and going these past months. Why? I really can't tell but all i know is that one thing or the other always brings me back to Blogsville. Na one thing or the other dey always bring people back to something abi? Well, that was what brought me back. One thing! But this one thing that brought me back pass one thing o.

I had wanted to upload her picture but as shakara just full my laptop head, i say make i just talk am like that. I got talking with Ella Njubigbo and like play like play, we talk Blogging join. I shame as i show her my blog. E don tay wey bros update last.

I just sharp sharp say make i tell una say i don come back.

I would show this beautiful and talented actress the road to Blogsville and stay behind. I've got to create time and come back to my lovely online family. I hope that LG, GeeBee, Aloted, Oyin, Darius, Dammy, Angel, Remi and all the rest of the Mummies and Daddies on Blogsville have not given birth to too many children [Newbies]?

Have i missed much?

I love you all!


LG said...

1staaaaaaaa :-)
nna welcome back' now as per *ella ella eh eh' i don go welcome her :-)

*how u

Angel said...

You aint missed nothing but love...

Nollywood Forever said...

I remember seeing her in a village movie a little while back and thinking she could be Nollywood's next big thing... Welcome back oga.

tommeh said...

Welcome back! Shame on me somehow, cuz I myself have been outta Blogville for the longest.

Alter Dimension said...

Hey Check out ULTIMATE Awards, add your blog on there

Emeka Amakeze said...

@ LG
Thanks a lot my dear.

@ Angel
I know i've missed some good love and i'm back to feel it.

@ Nollywood
Thank you Madam. Your blog is getting hotter. You know what i mean.

@ Tommeh
That makes the two of us.

@ Alter
I will definitly check you out.

aloted said...

me sef..i have been missing in action...if u check my blog now u go understand why :)

hope u dey kampe?