Saturday, May 16, 2009

God Still Answers

Sometimes, circumstances force us to ask too many questions. We need to know the rationale behind our existence. We often ask where God is when bad things happen to good people. Is God an absentee landlord?
These and many more are questions that plague our minds each passing second but what makes it unsettling is the fact that the answers to these questions are seemingly unattainable. And then, we drift towards losing our faith in the divine, stop believing in miracles and place our lives at the mercy of vicissitudes of life.
In my own simple way, i still cannot lose neither hope nor faith, when each time i look around me, i bear witness to other peoples shouts of joy and praise to answered prayers. I see the myriad of our mortal questions subtly and obviously answered in different ways. Someone rises from grass to grace, another confesses his sins and repents of his evil ways, help coming from unexpected quarters, recovery from strange ailments, are some answers to the questions we ask God on a daily basis and yet refuse to see them as any thing close to divine serendipity.
God still answers.


MilesPerHour said...

Too many things have happened in my life where I questioned God. Sometimes the answers came later, sometimes I could not hear them. I stopped questioning and put my effort into just having faith.

Rita said...

What is most interesting is that all around one can see the goodness of God, even when they fail to acknowledge for themselves. Yes, God still answers.

Long time. How have u been?

Anonymous said...

ooooooooo let me tell you. There are soo many things that I questioned God on. I have learned not to ask, just let God do what he has planned for me.

** Hey sweets, been missing our chats whats up??!!

Funms-the rebirth said...

He still does...... even when we think he doesnt.... its all left for us to believe and exercise faith

Emeka Amakeze said...

"and put my effort into just having faith". Very apt!

Yes, you can see the goodness of God all around.

The questions are always there but allowing God to do his will is divine.

@Funms- the rebirth
He still does and i agree with that too

Anonymous said...


Angel said...

I no longer question I just always say when im in a bad situation 'im exactly where im supposed to be'

ShonaVixen said...

I have also stopped questioning God, my faith has grown immensely so now I know there is reason of why its happening, I mightnt know the reason just yet, but God's got my back!!

Non-non said...

Yes, I've found it hard not to question in the midst of a storm but you must believe and not lose your hope and faith that He turns things around for good which the devil meant for evil.. Nothing is impossible with Him if you believe.