Friday, March 13, 2009


I know i've been MIA a lot lately and i'm really sorry about that. It wasn't intentional and for the fact that you guys know that i love my blog family a lot, you will forgive me. And that leaves me with Afrobabe. She wants a sultry story and tried as i could, i couldn't put up one. Each time i tried, it's always one of my experiences and i would back off because i hate the idea of kissing and telling. Bless me if i could write fictitiously like some talented bloggers. It's not that i'm looking for an excuse not to write one but. . . I know that Afrobabe is understanding. I hope i'm not the only one who wonders what she actually looks like. My imagination fails me here. Aloted gives me the impression of brillance from within. Some others are not left out but Afrobabe eludes me. Did i miss much on blogsville?


LG said...

welcome back n (4 get Afro:-)

now wat did u miss??????????? plenty things o, d most important one is VOTING FOR ME, but its not late o, u can doi it now @ (thank you very much :-)
*hope u r doing well' njoy ur w'end

Writefreak said...

What did you miss? Well the hype right now is the awards...what else?

So you're trying to decode bloggers hey? lol

Nollywood Forever said...

Hey Emeka *Waving* You could try and combine different experiences in the one story and then change the locations and names so u wouldnt feel so bad! Good to see u back!

Bibi said...

what did you miss? the award of course. it's everywhere. i'm truely tired of seeing it. and it tempts me to lie becos everybody is saying vote for me and i just feel like saying "i did" when i actually voted for someone else. lol. thanks for stopping by mine

Emeka Amakeze said...

@L G
Thank you very much. I think i'm beginning to have a fever : award fever.
Yes i've missed the award build up but then, it's not my duty to decode any blogger. Nobody decoded me.
@ Nollywood Forever
Thanks for the beautiful idea. Why don't you come to my rescue and do it for me. Btw, Afrobabe thinks that you and i are one and the same person.
Yes the awards. It's all part of the excitement and you've just got to flow with it.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, dont know what to tell you cos you didnt miss anything on this end. I usually do a great job at keeping you posted. As far as Afro..... well I think shes sexy...never seen her before but I get the impression that she a young sweet talented girlie....

how are you?

Crack Junkie said...

Hey Emeka! this is Nolly... I started a blogspot blog... so this the page.

Why on earth would she think we are the same person? Thats funny... As for the story... nooo oooo... It is your assignment. that would be cheating.

Fashinga said...

Hmmmm Meks (May i call you that?? lol) So you're wondering what you missed on blogsville?? What else if not me!!!!!! Yes o..You missed moi Fashinga... So you better report to my blog and answer "present!!" or else....lmao

Later Luv!!

Spicytee said...

You missed me....
How are u doin?
But you could try and spicy things up a bit and give us some cool gist.
Dont worry about Afro.. Me I can tell u she is as sexy as sexy..LOL

Olufunke said...

Update now? Logn over due
YOu have not really missed so much, the awards though.........

How are you?

wordsmith said...

you missed o lol

Emi's said...

Thanks for dropping @ mines, That has given me another great blog link too ass to my roll..
AfroBabe seams a yummy one

Emeka Amakeze said...

Thats right. You've always kept me posted. I guess Afrobabe is talented.
@Crack Junkie
That's great. I will be checking you out.
I will definitly come by. Well, you're missable and of course you can me Meks.

CaramelD said...

Naughty me! First time here, promise not to be the last!

What did you miss?
Vanishing Acts
& Male blogger hysteria.

Buttercup said...

hey1 how u doing?? been a while since i've been here..

lol @ afro

Buttercup said...


Emeka Amakeze said...

I did miss you. Well, i'm gonna try spice things up later.

I'm fine girl. I will definitly update soon.

That won't be long.

Thanks Emi.

Are you really naughty? I'm glad it's not going to be your last.

It's really been a long time Buttercup. Hope you're doing great?

Angel said...

Welcome back, you didnt miss a thing!

Tigeress said...

And still MIA. Whats up with that? :)

Emeka Amakeze said...

Thanks a lot Angel

Please, don't be too hard on me.

Emeka Amakeze said...

Thanks a lot Angel

Please, don't be too hard on me.

Emeka Amakeze said...

Thanks a lot Angel

Please, don't be too hard on me.

aloted said...

aww how did i miss this post...

afrobabe and aloted mentioned in the same that a good or bad thing ;-)

hope u r well?