Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just Another Question

You're the shining star among your friends. I ask "are you that shiny or are all your friends full?"

Your shoulder is getting weary because it's always being leaned on by people around you. "are you that strong or are people around you weaklings?"

"Are you really beautiful or are friends trying to patronise you by telling you that you are?"

You may have refused to put it into consideration but my question is, "are you really important to your partner or are your merely being tolerated in your relationship?"

"Do you believe that it's your intelligence that's propelling you forward or are those around you dim-witted ?"

From what you've lived your life and contributed to the world around you, "do you think you deserve being alive or better off dead?"

If you are 30 years and have probably spent about 30 minutes everyday on make up. Assuming 30 minutes everyday comes to 5 years (do the calculation as there is no love lost between me and maths) "do you think those 5 years you spent making up are in vain?"


JustDB said...

LOL.. No be wetion oyinbo dey call rhetorical quetion be this?

Fashinga said...

LOL@ Danny..He stole the words right outta my mouth..I think these questions are rhetorical.. but i'm gonna respond anyway.

I'm a positive thinker and i like to see the good side of evry problem..
I believe that however one percieves himself is how he is..

I'd like to think that i'm not being tolerated in my relationship or that i'm really beautiful and not just being patrionized..Regardless of whether its true or not, its what I choose to believe..

PS:You still havent answered present yet..i'm still

Later luv!!

Emeka Amakeze said...

Rhetor wetin? I need what you think and not what the oyibo man calls it. Gbam!

I will answer present, ma! I'm glad you're a positive thinker. It matters a lot.

Bibi said...

Emeka Emeka Emeka. *shakes head* you are asking a question on bloggsville *a predomiinantly women infested zone* and ur asking if time we spend putting make up on is well spent or wasted? Does a woman with well applied make up get ur attention? That's ur answer.joke. Anyways, I think that ur friends telling u ur beaut does make you that. Blieve it or not, I think beauty comes from within. Everyone might sing of your beauty but that beauty fades with time or situations.

CultureCynic said...

am defintly pondering......

StandTall-The Activist said...

This sounds like a saddistic questions.

Well, you know I wonder how people live lives but to me, nothing is a waste. Like Fashinga side, there is a positive side to everything... a friend might need to lean on your for a purpose that will changer her/his life for good...

If making up make you feel so good about yourself, then it will be a waste waking up one day to think other wise...

We are all actors in this life and we will keep doing things that are both meaningful and otherwise. We will keep learning and moving on...


Nollywood Forever said...

CHEI 30 minutes on makeup... Yes only if you have a wheelbarrow and shovel!

ShonaVixen said... for thought!!!

Emeka Amakeze said...

@Bibi, abeg no use me start Blogsville women riot. Yours sincerely only asked some simple honest questions.

There's still a lot of time for that.

I'm neither a sadist nor do i have sadistic inclinations. My questions are for us to keep learning and move on. . .

@Nollywood Forever
Yes ke! Some girls spend that much time on make up.

@Shona Vixen
We will wait thoughtfully till the food is done.

Darius T. Williams said...

GREAT food for it.

Angel said...

I'm shiny and yes I'm strong
I'm definitely beautiful inside
This makes me feel so happy
And fills me with such pride

My partner shows me my values
in many different ways
But wait..was I supposed to answer your question?
Or read them to ponder on other days...

Omo Oba said...

3, 4 and 5 ---- deep!

Emeka Amakeze said...

@Darius T
And i know you're capable of spicing it up.

Come on girl, you've already answered my questions.

@Omo Oba
Let's make it less deeper.

My World said...

This questns are really deep and thot provoking but with all modesty i bliv m strong,intelligent,beautiful and an asset to ma r/
Seriously thou,we are who we say we are and not what ppl think we are..