Thursday, February 5, 2009

Here I Am

I've been away for sometime now and i know i've missed a lot but then, i'm going to go round and catch up on all that happened. I will still do my thing but i'm caught up between telling a story or going abstract. Afrobabe wants a story.
Do i tell a story or do i just do my usual thing? I really missed you all.


underOvr (aka The U) said...

One of my brothers suggested I check out your blog, so I'm stopping by with greetings and promise to return and read your writings.


Jaycee said...

Go with the flow of your pen...:)

Ms.O said...

We missed you too!!!

Oyin said...

You already know I dont have to tell you.......

Do what you do best sweets!!

Emeka Amakeze said...

Thanks for visiting and my regards to your brother. Expecting more of you.

Thanks a lot.

I'm pretty glad you did. Thank you and i know i missed you most.

Yeah i know.

Jinta said...

ahh. just looking at the posted pic. your man keppi was a childhood friend and we grew up on the same street in shell club. both our family houses are still there actually.

small world

Afrobabe said...

I WANT A SULTRY STORY...a hot hawt one!!!

Oyin said...

soooooooo, whats next coolio?? (blink blink)

Emeka Amakeze said...

It really is a small world Jinta. Thanks for stopping by.

Come on girl, don't do this to me. Why don't we leave the sultry stories to you.

Enjoy life, feel cool with my blogsville family and jet out to another location.

Angel said...

I vote story...

StandTall-The Activist said...

If the story will point us to why you have being MIA, yeah tell it.

How have you being? Welcome back

Nollywood Forever said...

When you say "abstract" what do you mean... If in dount... just do both!!!

Afronuts said...

Spit it as you please.
As the spirits leads my brother

Oyin said...

thats whats up....stay sweet!!

Olufunke said...

I think I also woudl be looking forward to a story too.
Interesting blog

yankeenaijababe said...

Just stopped by to wish you a Happy Valentine in advance. Hope all is well with you. We did miss you. Been crazy busy myself with school. Hopefully we all have a fabulous year.

Emeka Amakeze said...

Ok, Angel. Point taken.

With or without the story, i'm sorry for going mia. I was on a movie location.

@Nollywood Forever
I'm not going to delve into "abstract" right now but you want me to do both? Grrrrrr!

Thank you jare! As the spirit leads my brother.

And that's what i'm doing; staying sweet.

We will see to that. Thank you lots.

It was indeed a fabulous year and 09 is just getting better.

Wishing you all a Happy Valentine's day

fuzzy said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I will try to make it back and pay you a visit. Ya know, gotta show the luv! Glad you've returned from wherever you went! Be easy!

AlooFar said...

Hey dude, next?

Geebee said...

I think I’d love a story. Your usual thing won’t be a bad option as well . . . in short, do both. Where you run go this time, bros?