Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let Us Laugh Again

Laughter is used to express fun and happiness and it is very essential in life but it is not just laughing that is the core of the matter, it is the heart or the spirit of the laughter, the mood and the attitude. When it is disposed to laugh at the incongruous and the contradictions that life experiences, then renewal of life is enhanced.

The person that laughs will not be offended even when ingratitude, quick temper and possessiveness manifest in life and will always find a reason to still be happy and gallantly throw his gauntlet at the vicissitudes of life and wait on others to understand and to be infected by the laughter. A sincere laughter is contagious and never goes solitary.

It is quite unfortunate that in our society today, many people have forgotten how to laugh. You can hardly see anyone indulge in that kind of laughter that makes one break teacups and tumblers as legs and hands are spread in carefree and careless abandon out of joy and contentment in this our present extremely busy society. That laughter that makes tears of joy flow out and keep the faces ever smooth, fresh and young has given way to raw and sad faces which anger and sadness are daily wrinkling. Some can at best afford only some dry wan and ashy smiles that disappear as soon as they show.

Laughter does not necessary have to come from jokes, comedy and comedians and ridiculous events. That type of laughter can only be temporal. The type of laughter that lasts is the one that innately regards life as a joke and sees the funny aspects of whatever that is done to us or we do and then evokes that careless abandon laughter that comes from within.

That laughter, has indeed become a luxury in a society that is madly in need of laughter but is too busy to do the things that will put it on their faces. Clergymen pastor churches where everybody wears a serious and pious frown because they think that laughing with their congregation will portray less of their anointing. A society where a General Manager will refuse to laugh with the members of his staff because he thinks it will lessen his dignity, a father would not dare share jokes with the members of his family so he wouldn’t be too familiar with his wife and too close to his children and a society where no one is ready to share a smile with the next person on the street, because of the fear that over familiarity breeds contempt.

Laugh at the world around you, especially when the need arises and even when it hurts.

I know a man who laughs and makes sure that those around him are genuinely infected; Mr Leo Ewuzie, you are celebrated.


LG said...


NoLimit said...

Like my bro(he's 9ja afterall!) sound sultan will say...Just look and laff!!!

Jaybabe said...

Bwahahahahahhaahhhhh....feels good laughing hey?

OluwaDee said...

I tell u, we need to laugh & laugh some more.

aloted said...

yah i personally need to laugh more..

thanks for this

gbengasile said...
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gbengasile said...

Finally someone said something about this . . . True talk bro! The hustle and bustle of Naija has practically made it impossible for people to have time for so many things. We hardly even have time to laugh! How pathetic. Anyway I just had a reason to laugh now simply by reading this piece. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Thx man!

Robyn said...


Emeka Amakeze said...

Thanks LG. Your concern was noted.

Just look and laugh.

That's right my South African girl. It really feels good to have a good laugh.

I agree with you entirely.

Go ahead and do just that without fear or favour.

It's really pathetic my brother that we are always too busy to laugh.

Thanks my man!

Standtall said...

I am taking away one or two lessons from this post. THANKS

Activist said...

And u gat to change ur profile pic to a laughing one oooooooooooooo

Emeka Amakeze said...

It's important and thanks for stopping by.

Olamild said...


I know a man here in Michigan
He's old but he has a positive attitude everyday. He's always laughing and waving to students on campus.

It's just amazing.

Standtall said...

I posted the "Activist" one too.

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - Laughter is great!

Ms.O said...

I smiled while I reading this. I need to laugh more often.

Original Mgbeke said...

My dia ehn, I always tell people that Laughter is the secret to my eternal youth. Infact, I laugh so much that tears start rolling down my face so I've banned my friends from cracking me up if I'm wearing mascara. Hehehehe...

Afronuts said...

You really hit a point there oh.

Just stand on any lagos street and check out pedestrains walking...u'll see like 60% of them dey frown face like shrivelled akamu!

Anonymous said...

I love making people laugh.

Afrobabe said...

Some one needs to send this writeup to my father!!!!

Emeka Amakeze said...

Forget the picture joo. The hood does not make the monk.

Such men are wonderful beings and you find out that you look forward to seeing them every day.

@Darius T. Williams
Welcome back bro and please, keep up the good laughs.

@Ms. O
You really need to.

@Original Mgbeke
I salute you! May your youthful disposition never diminish as you laugh your way thru life.

"60% of them dey frown face like shrivelled akamu". Nothing can be truer than that.

Making people laugh is one of the virtues that make life worth living, hold on to it.

Hmmm? Ok, just get me his email, postal address, web site or even village address and i will make sure it gets to him.

Queen of My Castle said...

I loved this. I love to laugh. It's an instant mood lifter.

Great post.

latifah braid said...

As they say,laughter is the best medicine!thankx for sharing!:-D