Monday, December 1, 2008

Hanging Out In Blogsville

Emeka Amakeze: Alright people, before we commence, do sit back, relax and enjoy this football match.

NollywoodForever: Come on Emeka! We didn’t come here to watch a football match. If we must while away a little time, it must be a quality time with some good Nollywood films.

Shalewa: I really don’t understand this craze for football.

Queen Of My Castle: What’s wrong with football guys? It’s one of my passions.

NikkiSab: What about some music? I love music. And what about giving ourselves a treat with some quality food?

Darius T. Williams: Did i hear someone say food? I’m going to the kitchen and i’m gonna throw some exotic things together and i’m making it a buffet.

Temite: Don’t even think about it Darius if you are not going to make some Nigerian dishes.

Afronuts: Whatever you guys are doing, just make sure you do it right.

Vera Ezimora: Is anybody here the result of a broken condom?

Tommeh: Can you rephrase that question please?

L G: Vera! No be small thing o.

Super Woman: It’s only gossip. Well, with a side order of sarcasm.

Buttercup: I’m not from a broken condom but i’m different.

Biodun Kosumu: How can you ask such a question Vera? Was that how you were nurtured as a child in Russia?

Bumight: Can’t we just have a good conversation here and get to know each other better?

N.i.m.m.o: Wise or otherwise?

Jaycee: Like talking about my metamorphosis in my journey as a child of God?

Vera Ikeji: I’m with Jaycee. My strict catholic home upbringing agrees with what he’s just said.

AlooFar: Jaycee’s journey? I hope he has a map for all that Gulliver like metamorphosis?

Exschoolnerd: Please, please people! I came here to find some happiness and that is exactly what i intend to do before i’m misunderstood as being too complicated.

Fantasy Queen: While Darius T is still at it, can someone please serve the coffee and oreos?

Original Mgbeke: I’ve watched you guys enough! Can we talk about shoes please?

OluwaDee: Oh my God! Please Lord, give me the strength to face this.

Miss Definitely May Be: This place is definitely turning into a melting pot of crazy friends and i would be pathetic if i were your mummy.

Undacovasista: I’m not a crazy friend. I am just me and i’m learning to love and accept me for who i am. No apologies to anyone.

Ilochi Olisaemeka: As a gentleman, i accept the right of originality of everyone to be what they want to be; a critic, activist, anything.

DsCr?Be: In that case, i am peculiar!

For The Love Of Me: And i want to live life to the fullest.

Afrobabe: I hunger for something i cannot grasp.

Princesa: I’m intelligent, attractive, lovely, homely, talented…

Ostar Amakking Jnr: This is too much! Jesus! Let my eyes be shut from darkness and my mind led into light.

Nwa Chi: Can all the children of God here shout Amen!
Deola: It’s going to be more than that because i’m going to make sure that God gets all that’s going to transpire here in writing.

Shona Vixen: Well, i still have to be classy and confident here and of course, i am sensual.

Ms Catwalq: And i’m romantic; complete and unabridged.

Nonso Okafor: Am i the only student here? By the way, did i tell you guys that i am extremely handsome?

SolomonSydelle: I’m being enlightened here because i’m absorbing all the knowledge and information i can here.

Sexxy Luv: Let me just keep things private for now guys because i don’t know which of my faces i’m gonna have to show.

Standtall: I have one to show you all and that’s the bomb that i am.

Ababoypart2: Your voices sure don’t sound 80s and i am getting bored.

Yankeenaijababe: I’m not going to be left out here. Listen up people! I am that pretty Nigerian girl, very easy going, loves listening and reading…

Salem: Excuse me Yankeenaijababe, i have a proposal to make here. Aphrodite, can i love you and read you poems?

Aphrodite: No way! I’m only searching for someone to take a ride in the clouds with.

Emeka Amakeze: Attention please! Before Darius T comes in with some of those mouth watering dishes, i want to make a toast to the only girl with a glass on blogsville. TOSHARENELLE!
Just a way to say thank you to you all for coming to my blog and for making me a part of you.


Anonymous said...

woohoo I'm first!

Well For real if we must while away time... a good Nolly flick is a must but I agree with darius about the food... some egusi and punded yam will do... Oh and can I grab that glass form Sharnelle, but only if it has some liquer in it!

Emeka Amakeze said...

You can sort it out with them as they are all still around.

Jaycee said...


Original Mbeke: I've watched you guys enough, can we talk about shoes please?

Anonymous said...

Awww this is soooo cute. So I am the one demanding Nigerian food I see. ehn? LOLL @ Vera's question. Thanks though dude. this is cool!

Vera Ezimora said...


Emeka, this is too funny! Why do I have to be the one asking the stupid question??? The sad part is that the question sounds like something I would ask.

Oh, Lawd!!


Anonymous said...

Hi ladies and gentlemen a question for yo'll please: did you or did't you hang out here in Blogsville? I bet yo'll "YOU GOT SERVED!" Nice stuff man, need a remix or rather da next part cox am still drooling for Darius T's dishes.

Wanton Pleasure said...

Nice one. Thanks for stopping by at my blog.

Jaybabe said...

bwahahahahahahahhh...very funny...

By the way, i'm not the one who published Jnr's picture on my blog. I thought i deleted it, only to find that you guys have already commented on it. Dammmnnn!

Jaybabe said...

Hey...wait a minute, was it your first time at my blog? I hope not. Thanx if it is..

Jaybabe said...

Eish...Emeka mann! remove the word verification thing! Du know how much time it takes for me to write the 'qawkxhcpxldexr' thing...???

Abeg now....

LG said...

lolllllllll no be small thing at all'
i like...

AlooFar said...

Yes O! Hope I get a map.

Dude, this is cool. You sure are having fun on blogville.

ShonaVixen said...

Emeka!!!! i sounded blonde a bit no mention my love for!!

Emeka Amakeze said...

Talk about your metamorphosis and leave Original Mgbeke and her shoes alone.

I love you being so Nigerian.

@Vera Ezimora
“…the sad part is that the question sounds like something i would ask”

@Ostar Amakking Jnr
We are still waiting for Darius T so you can get served too.

@Wanton Pleasure
Thanks! I will still come again.

I promise, i’m going to remove the esdwryghik thing.

@L G
No be small thing my dear!

Thanks man. I’m really having fun.

@Shona Vixen
Listen up people! Shona is not only sensual, but crazy about football.

Smile To The Bank said...

This is truely a masterpiece. An appreciative masterpiece to fellow bloggers. You have really done well Emeka Amakeze.

For the love of me said...

Very nicely written,well done.

Standtall said...

I am still laughing here. You just put me in a lighter mood! Thanks you Emeka.

But really if Vera Ezimora catch up with you and whoelse hmmmm yeah LG.

Jugding by their commments (VERA and LG) nothing to fear yet

You are great!

Emeka Amakeze said...

@For The Love Of Me
Thanks for stopping by.

I appreciate your comment but please don't cause any problem among the three of us: Emeka, Vera and L G.

The Emrys said...

this is nicely done!!

Emeka Amakeze said...

Thank you.

Jaguda said...

CREATIVITY. well done. BTW where am i dawg?

Jaguda said...

CREATIVITY. well done. BTW where am i dawg?

Emeka Amakeze said...

Probably, you will walk in when Darius T is ready with the food. I know you love good food.

Nonso Okafor said...

Haha the work was perfectly excellent.U need an ovation,a tremendious one.Extremely handsome indeed.Igbo

Kemi Penélopê said...

You've really been around the blogging world for a long time to know these fellow bloggers...

Thanks for the preview of blogger's blog...

Emeka Amakeze said...

@Nonso Okafor
I take a bow!

@Kemi Penelope
I've been around for two months but i had to know them because they have that aura of family. Thanks for coming around.

Nwa Chi said...


This is really funny and cool and interesting.

I thought Temite would say "Don’t even think about it Darius if you are not going to make some Nigerian dishes with Dodo."


Shubby Doo said...

'Miss Definitely May Be: This place is definitely turning into a melting pot of crazy friends and i would be pathetic if i were your mummy'


Emeka Amakeze said...

@Nwa Chi
I guess Temite will be in the best position to answer that question.

@Shubby Doo
If Miss Definitly May Be gets on you, do call me.

Anonymous said...

Hey sweets.....YOUVE BEEN TAGGED!!

Afrobabe said...

Yes oh my bros...what I want I do not flirts in my head then totaly dissapears....relationship wise, career wise and in any other situation you can think of....

Hmmmm...that sounded really intelligent!!!

gbengasile said...

Blogville is full of brilliant and creative people and this single post did more than blow my mind. Imagine such creativity. Brilliant yet funny. What a wonderful way to appreciate your viewers. Nice post. I wish i had been here earlier maybe my converstaion would have appeared as well. lol

LG said...

Nna odikwa nma??

Yewande Atanda said...

great combination. i was tempted to visit ur blog after reading ur beautiful comment on other blogs. let me say that u're creative and talented.

Emeka Amakeze said...

I will flow with the tag.

May be one day, just one day and we will narrow it down to something.

Thank you bro. I really appreciate but not to worry, you will be remembered and accorded your due respect.

Udo di. I know why you asked. I'm sorry for missing in action for a while now.

@Yewande Atanda
Its wonderful of you to come around and warmly appreciate you.

ChiefO said...

Awesome stuff. blogville sure has all the ingredients of a fun place to be. u nailed it with vera's comment by the way.

Emeka Amakeze said...

Blogville sure is an interesting place. Hey, Vera only asked a question and if anybody has an answer to that, let them share.

Ms.O said...

Thank you for coming to my blog.I loved this post by the way. Wil be back!!

Original Mgbeke said...

Hahahahahaha, good one 'cept for the fact that Afrobabe would find a way to relate football to sex.
Nice one, Emeka. lol

Queen of My Castle said...

I'm late to the party!!!!!!!

OMG! This was uber cute. You seem to have penned most of us almost perfectly. LOL

Emeka Amakeze said...

You are welcome

@Original Mgbeke
Come on OM, you know that Afrobabe has her ways. Thanks for stopping by.

@Queen Of My Castle
The Queen is never late to party in her own castle.

archiwiz said...

LOL... Hilarious. Sounds very much like stuff they'll say.