Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Crisis Called Man

If we are looking at the issue of war, battered wife, abandoned home, prostitution, armed robbery and so many other vices, you are primariry looking at the by product of the crisis that has enveloped man, most especially, the modern man. He seems to be loosing grip on a whole lot of things and it worsens his situation with each passing moment. He can not come to terms with the fact that he was supposed to be the bread winner but not any more as women are getting richer every day and becoming providers. How can he shout at his wife/girlfriend or even protect her when she either packs a .45 or Jet Li's around as a black belter.
His crisis is that those things that he used in measuring and asserting his manhood like providing for a woman, protecting her, leading her spiritually, economically and politically are gradually being taken away from him and he no longer knows what it means to be a MAN!

This is going to be a whole lot of a discourse but before i go further, i will like you good people to give me your take on what it means or takes to be a MAN. Then, i shall continue.


Smile To The Bank said...

A man is a man when he is able to smile to the bank as often as possible.

Darius T. Williams said...

Are you serious? There are soooo many definitions that can go into what being a man is all about. Hell, I could write a dissertation myself.

Emeka Amakeze said...

@ smile to the bank
Do i agree with you? So, if a woman smiles to the bank as of as possible, she becomes a man?

@ Darius T
Just give me something in a nut shell, bro.

tommeh said...

Saying it's a whole new world is a cliched thought. Nowadays, U hear of single mothers making it happen. Let's go 4 a stroll back in the days when man was made. It's written that man's downfall was as a result of a woman's deceit.

So, why puttin' the blames on men..what 'bout the women?
I no like am o, 4 real. In short, I dey vex self.. wetin?

Thanx 4 stoppin' by, tho

Afronuts said...

Hmm...the whole world is getting tisted becuz man is trying to re-define what God has already defined.

And theres always a danger in changing the God's blueprints...we see a lot of it around nowadays in the ills of the society.

What does it take to be a man? To have a vision and also to have a mission. Thats one of it because theres so much that makes a man.

Emeka Amakeze said...

Pls don't tell me you are shying away from your responsibilty. When are we goiing to stop passing the buck. The so called fall of man was as a result of man's weakness. Take it or leave it.

You have a point or two there. God had a plan for man and that defined him. His deviation from it is his bane. We shall later talk about that in details.

tommeh said...

Nah, never will I shy away from my onus. I agree with U that the fall of a man is caused by his weakness. However, the one question U should ask 'urself is "Does she has a hand in that?"

just like we talk about Bread Winners in families, that's how SIMILAR you have to address it when it comes to this issue.

We should NOT be lost to differentiate a man from a man to a man from a woman. (I think this area is where most pple get confused).

Or do U wanna disagree with me that rabbis don't use proverbial expressions in their teachings?

ToshaRenelle said...

As simply as I can put it from my point of view, a man is someone who is spiritually sound, who is honest, respectful and hardwarking. If he is living by God's word, giving back and being the best he can be, he can earn stripes as a man. But, as you know, it goes much deeper.

By the way, I'm tagging you. Come by my page and read "I've Been Tagged" post and join the fun!

Emeka Amakeze said...


Yes, she had a hand in the fall of man and remember that i said that "you are primarily looking at the crisis that has enveloped man". In order words, she is a secondary crisis.
If a man defines himself by being a bread winner, the day he loses his job and no longer provides for his family, he will psychologically be stripped of his manhood and you know what does to any man.
God was not equivocal in his gender designation. A man is a man and a woman is a woman but the problem is ours. We lost sight of that divine designation, replaced it with our roles and now that some of those roles are being performed by women, men are faced with a huge problem.

@ tosharenelle

You are not far from the truth. A man must have all the attributes that you mentioned and much more.

We are making progress people!

Super Woman said...

i dont think theres just one thing that can make a person of the male species a "Man".

like darius says ..theres so much. i dont have the time, or space to even write it out.

and just because a woman does something that a "man" does doesnt make her a man....

men should take care of their kids ...women take care of their kids but that doesnt make her a man.

Emeka Amakeze said...

@super woman

I agree with you. There is no one thing that makes a man.

Emeka Amakeze said...

@super woman

I agree with you. There is no one thing that makes a man.

Buttercup said...

I believe one of the many things that r synonymous to being a man is takin total responsibility for his actions.

A woman doin the things a man is supposedly meant to do doesnt emasculate him in any way..some men seem to think it does.

UndaCovaSista said...

Interesting post and blog in general. I'll certainly be back..

Emeka Amakeze said...

You are right.

Thanks a lot.

shalewa said...

Hmmm! what it means to be a man!There's so much that can be written but i'll just give my idea of a real man.A real man is confident(very important),godly,supportive,not threatened by a woman's success,good listener,friendly,respected and a leader.

shalewa said...

his ability to cook is a plus cuz cooking is a good time for a couple to bond.