Friday, October 24, 2008

Youths Of My Age

"wasted generation", "irresponsible", "lazy" are least of the names that youths of my time have been forced to bear in my country. They are blamed for anything that goes wrong. Such, is it in my time; an age where many cannot afford western education and are still inundated with "if education is expensive, try ignorance" by those that went to school either on scholarships or community efforts. Majority of the youths of my age roam the streets armed with their with their first class and second class certificates, worn out shoes and threadbare suits looking for the much promised but non-existent jobs. "employment for all by the year 2008, 2015, 2020" no longer mean anything to them. They are told that education is the key yet they've had more doors slammed in their faces than they can remember. Defying hunger and frustration, some still stand tall in salute to the dignity of man. Yet they are termed "unresourceful" by those who were offered jobs, cars, houses even before they finished their degree exams. The burden of expectation has been too much for some and they fell by the wayside of armed robbery, prostitution, fraud and other vices but my SALUTE goes to all of you who have despite all odds, risen to touch that silver lining in their cloud of uncertain future and resolved to be rallying points for others and a beacon of hope to the rest.

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