Thursday, October 23, 2008

Immortality Accomplished

For centuries, the search for immortality, which seems to man, the only thing that will give meaning to his sojourn on earth, has been an elusive and unending one. He has however turned his dread on among other things, suffering and death, believing them to take meaning away from life. Shallow understanding of the transitory nature of our potentialities has denied mankind the true nature of immortality. In the wavy line of actualising our set goals and objectives, parts of us are left with the moments which with the turning of the hands of time, belong to the past. But then, nothing is lost as the past only stores them for the appropriate time when they would be called upon.

Until man comes to the understanding that suffering, poverty, death and the likes do not take meaning away from life, he will continue to delude himself that somewhere in beyond horizon lies the power of immortality rather than in himself.

However, since man is out-Pictured by the extent of his ephemeral realisation, suffering and death become essential as they would serve as yardsticks for how he builds or justifies his existence. Man will always put suffering and death into consideration as he ponders on the myriad of his immediate potentialities. They either make him take good or bad decisions, or make him weep for the fact that all he laboured for will go down the drain. It all goes to intensify the search for immortality but man does not need to search.

If only he will see the light and realise that there are always two sides to every coin. Someone died that he may be here and so, he will have to go for another to come. It's unending but once man understands that in that line of perpetual going and coming, he will forever remain a spot of reference. He and all that he did will inevitably be delivered to the past which in turn will be rescued. He thereby lives on forever, and immortality is his.

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