Friday, October 24, 2008

Between the Dreamer and the Realist

God made some people, investing them with a vivid imagination to see all kinds of visions. They are often impatient with their surrounding and are eager to speed off to some promised land beyond the horizon. If these people are not checked, they would destroy life's stability. They would forever be stampeding the rest to all kinds of fanciful realms, where their lives could not be sustained. The Lord therefore provided a brake in people who are stern realists, who will puncture every dream with the needle of keen analysis, who will challenge every vision in the name of facts and circumstances. Between the dreamer and the realists, there is an unending feud. It may be bitter, for the realists judge the dreamers to be enemies of the society. Indeed, history knows instances where dreamers seized control and turned fanatics and destroying those who are not ready to join them in their adventure. A healthy society is one in which the dreamer recognises the right to be challenged in the name of realism and in which the realist recognises the right to be questioned in the name of progress. The dreamer and the realist were meant to be collaborators. Through the balance of their conflicting pressures, we forge an ordered progress in which we shall reach out towards our goals, without sacrificing settled achievements.

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